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Papa John's has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. Our restaurant offers the freshest homemade food made daily. Our aim is to provide genuine and authentic Pizza to our customers at reasonable rates. Take a look at our online menu for some of your favourite Pizza dishes!

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295 Harrow Road
Wembley, HA96BD

Papa John's's Top Dishes



red peppers, green chilli peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions and green peppers - very hot


ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and spicy beef


chargrilled chicken, bbq sauce, bacon and onions


double pepperoni and extra cheese


italian style six cheese blend, pepperoni, sausage and italian style seasoning

Papa John's Customer Reviews

108 reviews


  • Forgot 2 out of the 5 itiems


  • only one hiccup the driver forgot my bottle of pepsi but its ok he gave me back my money. food was delicious and i will definitely be ordering from papa johns again.


  • not very hot and over priced for the size/quality, but ok


  • As usual very good. Thanks for the free cinnamon knots


  • Great food, fast delivery and good service as always...!! You can never go wrong with Papa Johns!!!


  • My pizza order was mistaken with other one and received 1l drink instead of 1.5l for which I have paid.


  • First time having Papa John's....If you're looking for value for money and high quality food look no further...


  • Nice but expensive


  • Good


  • The food took 1hr 40mins in total to arrive; this was over 30 mins late. I had had a call from the driver over an hour before delivery, saying he was lost. after providing him with directions, I was still made to wait. When the food was delivered it had clearly been travelling from that length of time, so it was cold and starting to stale. Awful


  • The food was good as always for papa John's, the delivery driver was rude and discourteous! We were visitors to the area so looked up the hotel's address online. It is not our fault of that info is not correct. To rant at a customer for this error is unprofessional in the extreme. I would expect a delivery driver to know where the local Holiday Inn, Wembley is located (which I might add was on also on the form, also is located round the corner from the shop) & double check with me before sitting in close 2 miles away and moaning over the phone to me. Unacceptable service.


  • The pizza was with out any meat when I ordered with pepperoni and ham!!no mushrooms and other ordered toppings !!! Not happy at all!!!!


  • this is not my p.c/e mail address nor do I have a mobile phoneI am in my lkate seventy's and do not possess either which makes on line ordering a problem. but not for me I have a land line which is all I need..




  • The service was very fast